Guitarist, Musician, and Guitar Craftsman

Fernando Rubín Saglia was born in 1968 in Buenos Aires, Fernando lives in Andratx, Mallorca since 2001.
He studied classical guitar at ‘Conservatorio Nacional Carlos Lopez Buchardo’. Later, he focused on Jazz, Tango and Latin-American Folk music in the ‘Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda’ (EMPA). Among his maestros are Edgar Ferrer, for harmony and composition, and Aníbal Arias for guitar tango.
In 1996 Fernando Rubín started his craftsmanship learnings with Rodolfo Cucculelli in Buenos Aires and this year he built his first guitar.
Since then he began building his instruments influenced by the Spanish craftsmanship, solely handmade, following the footsteps of the great masters (Torres, Hauser, Fleta, Simplicio, among others). His thirst for learning guitar craftsmanship continued from that day on.
In the early 2000’s he specialized in applied acoustics for guitars with Alan Carruth (in California). Since then his passion, studies, and experimentation focus on the guitars’ behavior through analysis of the types of vibrations of its components.
This makes Fernando Rubíns’ guitars and craftsmanship unique.